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Geronimo Village VFD is a tax-exempt, tax deductible, non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Geronimo Village VFD is tasked with providing Fire Protection and First Responder Medical Response to Bexar County Emergency Services District #2 boundaries. (  That means we service over 12,000 homes, buildings, apartments and 75,000+ individuals working, living, or going to school.  We anticipate another 60,000 homes and businesses in our service area with in the next five years. Geronimo Village VFD experienced a call volume increase of over 30% from the previous year.  Due to the increase in call volume and the extensive growth in our area, Geronimo Village VFD and Bexar County Emergency Services District #2 have made two major steps toward increasing our responsiveness within the area.  The first major step was to purchase land in the Hillcrest subdivision for the construction of a new south station.  Our goal is to have the south station completed and operational by the end this summer, if not sooner.  The second step that the ESD has taken steps to acquire land on the north end of Talley Road.  This will be used for the construction of a future North Station which will respond primarily to the numerous new subdivisions on our northern boundary.  The planned goal for the construction of this station is early 2008. At the present time, all of our paid staff are operating out of our central station located at 2096 Talley road.  Currently, Geronimo Village VFD maintains a crew of four paid firefighters, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in addition to our many volunteers.  As some of you may know, our central station was built back in 1994 and has served us very well.  However, now that we have paid staff on duty around the clock and over 70 volunteers on the roster, it can get quite crowed in the one room quarters where eating, sleeping, and daily routines take place while waiting for that next emergency call.  We currently need to expand our central station to include a larger training room, kitchen, bathroom facilities, and sleeping quarters for the volunteers and paid staff.  However, even though we are now funded primarily by tax dollars via the ESD, there is simply no money left over in the budget for the expansion of our central station.  The ESD has allocated funds for the purchase of the land and the construction of the new south station and has budgeted funds next year for the purchase and construction of the new north station.  But that is as far as we can stretch our tax dollars.  Therefore, it will be up to Geronimo Village VFD to raise the additional funds needed to expand our existing central station and also furnish the new fire stations with furniture, beds, cookware, supplies, etc.  

So please help us help you.



why donate?

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