Thank you for your interest in joining Geronimo Village Volunteer Fire Department.  The mission of Geronimo Village is to:  minimize loss of life and property while providing fire suppression and emergency first responder medical care, promote the education of fire safety and prevention, initiate and promote involvement and participation with our community, strive for excellence in departmental growth and performance, and honorably represent the Department through unselfish acts of kindness.  If you are interested in helping Geronimo Village achieve these goals then we ask that you fill out an application below. 


No Experience is required.  There are some guidelines for membership:

   You must be 18 years of age or older.

   You must be 14 years to 17 years of age to become a cadet. (Guardian Permission only)

   You must pass a complete criminal history background check.

   You must pass a three (3) year driving record background check.

   You must completely fill out the membership application and turn it in at a Business Meeting.

   Your application must be approved by the Board of Directors.

   You must read and understand the By-Laws and SOG's.





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*Employment requires experience, SFFMA and/or TCFP certification and an EMT-B certification or higher.

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